Report about Philippines Life

Wonderful Philippines

I like to travel, so I go to many places in weekend and vacation. The first time when I went abroad is when I went to Japan when I was a middle school student. Through that chance, I realized that the world is wild and filled with a variety of people and culture. Actually I don’t like to study English because it is difficult and there are many things to memorize. However, one day I realized that I needed to English. I went to Thailand as a Korean cultural delegate last year, and I had to speak in English. At that time, I felt stressful because of the language. I wanted to talk many things about Korea, but I couldn’t. I felt hopeless because of my poor English. After that, I decided to study English. Besides, I participated in International Winter Camp this February as staff member and made many foreign friends. I realized once more English is important for making a global network and studying English makes my world bigger. For this reason, I applied for this program.

On first day, we arrived at airport and went to a hostel. While we went to the hostel, I saw many Filipinos, but I couldn’t believe that I’m in Philippines. On second day, we had to test for class assignment. I met many people not only from our university but also from other universities. I felt surprised that many people come to Philippines for their own goals. We took a test in the morning, and we had time with teachers. We heard many interesting stories about the Philippines. It was great fun! After the entrance ceremony, we received our time schedules. I was so excited about my classes and teachers. For four weeks, I enjoyed studying English and made wonderful memories with teachers and friends. In the person to person class, I studied grammar, writing, intonation, pronunciation, reading, and so on. It helped me gain more confidence and helped me speak naturally in situations when I met somebody. Intonation and pronunciation were the most difficult part of studying English for me. When I saw my growth, however, I became proud and felt happy. Many useful expressions in the movie were interesting and fun. Studying English by watching movies was helpful in keeping interest. A discussion in English is difficult and different from discussion in Korean. I couldn’t say everything I wanted to say because of my poor English. However, it is helpful to improve English skill in instant situations.

Through this program, I could improve my English skills. I wasn’t afraid of using English any more. Thanks to teachers and friends, I enjoyed studying English. I also made many good friends and great memories. All Filipinos have positive thinking, and they are always happy. I learned the wise way to live a wonderful life from them and Filipino culture. The Philippines gave me a big inspiration. I grew up through this chance. I want to participate in other activities like this program to improve myself.

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My Daily Routine in the Philippines

My daily routine in the philippines is regular. I usually get up at 6:30, and take a shower. After I prepare for going to school, I wake up my roommate. We eat breakfast at 7. I usually skip breakfast, because I like sleeping than eating. I try to eat breakfast from this year, however, because of my health. My classes start at 8. In other words, my busy day start!

I study English with many good teachers. In first class, I study about speaking with T. Abie. She is kind, and has beautiful smile. She always drinks coffee. I think she is a coffeeholic, because she said sometimes she drinks five cups of coffee a day. In second class, I study about writing with T.Cris. She is fun! She always makes me laughing. I want she has good boyfriend as soon as possible, because we promise if she has wedding, she invite me. I’m looking forward to going to her wedding. In thired class, I study about speech with T.Jaron. He always call me “Stitch”, because I have stitch notebook. He is fun and always smile. he is a man of wit. In fifth class, I study about PME with T.Grayson and other students. I always feel interested in this class, because we study something in movie. I can enjoy studying. In sixth class, I study about pronunciation and intonation with T.Edward. I feel difficult and tired in this class, because pronunciation is the most difficult aspect in my English studying. However, T.Edward is kind, so I can endure and enjoy studying. I always practice my pronunciation in night. I hope my pronunciation will be better than before, when I will finish all curriculum. In seventh class, I study about grammar with T.Beth. She is warm-hearted, and she likes kidding. I always wait for her class, even though classroom is in cambridge and I should hurry up. In ninth class, I study about formal communication with T. Bea. The different things between formal and informal situation is interesting, so I can enjoy studying, even though I feel tired, because of many classes. In last class, I study about speaking with T.Ian. He is good and energetic. I can’t imagine this class without T.Ian. I study with good teachers. This is good and wonderful thing to me.

After I finish all my classes, I eat dinner with my friends. We talk about teacher, classes, and some episodes. And then, I do my homework and study in my room. If I finish my homework early, I talk with my friends on internet, check my facebook, and play computer game.

My life in the philippines is busy and tight, but happy and satisfying. I want to be a friend with my good teachers. I hope I will make good memories in the philippines and my English skill will improve than before.

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Who am I?

I believe myself, because I have confidence of myself. I have a dream. I want to be a special teacher. I will teach special student. I can love them, even though they have physical or mental problem. There are two reasons that I decide to be a special teacher. Firstly, my mother is social welfare worker. She usually go to voluntary with me. I learned and felt many things from this experience. I want to help them and be a good, kind, and helpful person. Secondly, when I consider about my university and major, my mother gave two books. The name of book is “One Child”. The story is about one special teacher and one special student. Someday, They meet each other and affect their life. Though this meeting, they can change their life. I felt surprised about writer’s life. She knows teaching special student is difficult, but she also knows her life is satisfying. I think if I can change my student’s life to better side, it makes my life wonderful. Therefore, I decided my major as “Special Education”, and I’m majoring in it. I always do my best and I’m working on everything.

I have good supporters. They always support me and give an emotional support. Who are they? They are my family! There are four people in my family. My father is an engineer. He is strict, and he doesn’t say “I love my family”. However, I know he loves us. My mother is an accountant and a social welfare worker. She is kind and warm-hearted. She always challenge something. She graduated in university last year, and enter another university to study. She is more passionate than me, even though she is older than me. I respect her life style. I have one younger brother. He is middle school student. He likes watching TV and playing computer games. I love my family. Thanks to them, I can do everything. I can’t live without my family.

I like watching movie, listening to music, reading book, and cooking. Sometimes, I go to the picnic with my family. My father and mother play badminton with me and my brother. After that, we eat lunch box I made for my family. I always feel peaceful and comfortable, when I with my family. I usually go to movie with my mother. She likes my sister. We usually go to shopping and play together. We also share good books together. She often recommend books to me. I’m so happy because of my family. They are my precious persons. They make me good person, because I know they always love me, if I’m poor or foolish.

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The Touching Movie

I watched a touching movie last weekend. The movie’s name is ‘Only You Can Hear My Telling’, and it is Japanese movie. Throughout I watched this movie, I can’t stop smiling and crying. There are two main characters in the movie. The girl is very timid, so she doesn’t have any friends. The boy can’t hear anything, so he can communicate with person who know hand language. If he doesn’t have a memo board, he can’t talk with anyone except his family. She and he want a friend who can understand them. Someday, they can talk with each other through the telepathy. Because of this evitable meeting, their life is happier and brighter than before, and they be a soul mate.

I have many good friends, and they are the most precious persons in my life. Making a friend is very important in our life, and having a person who can talk is good thing to us. Friendship make us happy. We can’t see it, but we can feel it. My friends always are beside me everytime when I feel happy, proud, sad, and depressed. I can’t imagine I don’t have any friends. Thanks for this movie, I can learn valuable things in my life. It is true I have to keep the friendship with my precious friends.

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My Life

My life is wonderful and bright because I enjoy my life passionately, participate in every event actively, and satisfied myself. In my studies, I’m so tired because I’m doing a double major, and studying is very difficult but it is interesting and helpful to us. I’m proud of myself because I think studying is homework the world give to us for our lives, and I’m doing well.

Korean Education is very difficult even though I’m Korean. Studying Korean is different from speaking Korean. I can speak Korean, don’t caring grammer. However, grammer is the most important thing in studying Korean. In Korean Education classes, I be a foreigner. Even though I don’t like studying grammer, I always try to like it and study hard. I think Korean represent our tradition, and we have to keep it. I love Korean.

Special Education is also very difficult. I should study many things included many laws, methods of teaching, and learning effects. The students with disability need more careful teaching, so I have to study difficult and complicate things. However, they also are precious people like us, so they also have human rights. My hands are small and my ability is low, but I want to help them.

From this semester, I live in school dormitory. I can’t with my family, see my farther, watch TV drama with my mother, and play with my younger brother everyday. That is so sad, but I also have a good chance I change myself more independent. Washing, cleaning, and deciding by myself are difficult, but necessary for me. During about three months, I learned many things.

On New year’s Day, I wrote some dreams achieve in this year. Studying Chinese, learning swimming, getting TOEIC score over 800, going to travel with my friends, learning guitar, and singing foreign songs without lyrics. I always challenge new goals for my future. My life is filled with passion, so it is always shining.


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My Favorite Music

My favorite music genre is ballad, because ballad is very touching and sweet. If I have a boyfriend, I want that he sing good balld song for me. Even he isn’t good singer, I feel very happy. XD

My favorite singer is 김동률(Kim Dong Ryul), because he is good and sensitive singer. He singing touching ballad song. My favorite song in his song is 아이처럼(Like a Child), because the song’s lyric is beautiful.

I also like K-POP, because if I hear that music, I feel interesting. In korea, there are many good singer. Many my friends in other country likes K-POP. They always ask me about korean singers. Sometimes I send music CD and pictures for my friend when his or her birthday.

I like CNBLUE, because they are handsome and singing well!! Recently, they published new album, so if I have free time, I always hear CNBLUE’s new songs.

I also like chinese song, japanese song, and pop song, because if I hear that songs, I can learn that language and feel interesting about that country. My goal is that I can understand without korean translator when I hear that songs.

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My Lovely Family

I love my family very much. There are four people in my family. My father, mother, younger brother and me.

My father is an engineer, and he is strict and conservative. He usually go to mountain climbing every weekend, and he likes watching sports and playing badminton with my younger brother. He never tell us “I love my family.”, but I know that he really loves us.

My mother is social welfare worker, and she is kind and beautiful. I love her so much. She often go to picnic with me and eat out delicious food, and she likes watching movies, reading books, raising plants and listening music. Sometimes she recommend good book for me. She always trust me, so I want to be a good daughter for her.

My younger brother is middle school student, and he is six years younger than me, but he is taller than me. we always fight about small things like TV, computer, food. He likes playing soccer and basketball with his friends, playing computer game and watching TV.

I’m a university student, and my major is Special Education. I’m studying for person with disability, and will be a teacher. I’m sociable, fassionate and active. I like reading books, traveling, watching movie.

My family is always happy! The most precious person for me is my family.

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